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Better office design can make for a more productive workforce

Small businesses ignore the influence that the working environment has on their employee’s motivation and productivity at their peril. This is an opportunity that is too good to miss and that costs little to exploit. Part of the problem is that employees do not feel able to voice concerns about the office design to their employer. Perhaps it is time to get them involved in the design of the office and to listen to what they have to say.

Start asking some questions

Before you even consider an office refurbishment, you need to start asking some questions. You can consult your employees in many different ways. It could be an on-line or paper questionnaire, focus groups or face-to-face meetings. They are the experts in how the office works. They see how visitors react to the environment and they have to spend 8 hours a day or more sitting at the desks. If they think Glass Desks would be a good investment, they need to be able to tell you that. You also have to be prepared to listen.

Then carry out a space utilisation study. This assesses, in detail, how the space in the workplace is used. You will be amazed at how much space is wasted in a modern office and how many areas could be used more effectively. Equipment is a big problem these days, as are trailing cables. Modern offices need a lot of communication equipment and this needs to be located where it does not cause an obstruction.

Be clear on why you are doing it

Don’t just introduce Glass Desks on a whim. They need to be part of a planned programme of improvements with a clear aim in sight. Employee comfort and safety should be the prime motivators. However, profit motivations and saving money are also important. Your bottom line is what matters because without it there is no business!

If everybody understands why the changes are taking place, and what is in it for them, they are much more likely to engage with the process and make it a success.

What changes can you make?

A wholescale review of office furniture is needed every few years. As a bare minimum it must safeguard the postural health of your employees. This means adjustable chairs and ergonomic desks. If your office furniture is looking dated then it may not be up to current regulations and your employee’s health may be suffering. This could even be the reason for any drops in productivity that you have noticed.

Then think about your visitors. Are they impressed as soon as they walk in the door? If not, this could be the reason that they are fleeing to your competitors.

Before you plan your refurbishment to kick-start your business, take a look at the full range of Glass Desks and other stylish office furniture at Office Furniture Online. With a little thought you could make your office as impressive as your product and as the customer service that you provide.

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