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Sitting well can improve your health and avoid back damage.

Sitting down all day sounds like an easy life but it could be doing more damage to your body than you realise. The sitting position itself can put a strain on the joints and soft tissues of the lower back. Over time, the area can become inflamed and this can lead to chronic pain. Problems can take a long time and a lot of effort to sort out so prevention is always preferable.

The neck and shoulders are another problem area. We all have a tendency to ‘hunch up’ our shoulders when we are working at a PC. This can be made worse when we are stressed or over-worked. The tension can lead to chronic inflammation, headaches and neck stiffness.

The simple answer is to not sit down so much! Take as many breaks as you can. Get up to go to the toilet, grab a coffee or do some filing. However, there is plenty that you can do to help yourself when you are actually sat at your desk as well.

Make the most of Elite Advance Height Settable Office Desks

  1. Adjust your desk position. Your posture will thank you for investing in Elite Advance Height Settable Office Desks. You can set the height so that it suits the dimensions of your body. This allows you to adopt the most comfortable working position.
  2. Adjust the position of your monitor. Sitting too close to your monitor is very bad for your eyes. It can result in eye exhaustion which manifests itself as headaches and double vision. In extreme cases you can be left feeling dizzy and nauseous. Move the monitor a comfortable distance away from your face. Also adjust the height so you are not straining your neck to look up or down.
  3. Choose your chair wisely. The choice of chair is very individual. Take your leg length, height and weight into consideration when you are making your choice. Adjustable models are best because you can alter them to get your feet to rest naturally on the ground whilst your back is fully supported by the back rest.
  4. Build some yoga into your routine. Obviously, you do not want to do a full yoga session in front of all your work colleagues but there are some gentle yoga moves that you can do at your desk. Try out the eagle pose and spinal twists. No-one will even notice that you are doing them but you will feel the benefit.
  5. Check your posture every 20 minutes. You may start off with good intensions and have your back straight and your shoulders relaxed but will this last? It takes just one confrontational phone call or a difficult email and your good work is undone. Stop every 20 minutes and have a mental check of your posture for signs of tension.

Peruse the full range of Elite Advance Height Settable Office Desks and other ergonomic furniture at Office Furniture Online. Combine intelligent furniture design with a daily desk exercise routine to keep yourself healthy and comfortable at work.

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