Sky’s new office combines innovative design with employee focussed perks

Sky Central, the communication company’s newly upgraded headquarters, is setting the standard for innovative office design that encourages collaboration and time management.

It arises from fairly humble beginnings; a low rise modish steel exterior set. However, if you try to walk around it, you soon realise that the building is huge and one side of the rectangle footprint is a tenth of a mile long! It needs to be big because it houses around 3,500 employees and all the Status Office Desks that they need.

Innovative office design for the future

There are several ground-breaking features incorporated into the innovative office design.

  • Facilities for the staff to enjoy. The workspace is organised into 20 zones and there are six restaurants for staff to choose from.
  • It covers a huge area. The design is spacious to say the least. It takes 10 minutes to walk from one side to the other.
  • Everyone is one place. Different teams are not grouped around Status Office Desks in different buildings. Instead, every employee is in one place. Presenters rub shoulders with the finance department and this encourages collaborative working.
  • An airy Scandinavian style. Ceiling heights are high. The extra space has been acquired by extending outwards and not by slotting in another floor.
  • Plenty of natural materials and light. The ceiling is constructed from wood laminate and has many windows so the sunlight floods in even in the winter.
  • Scattered staircases. These encourage employees to circulate and mix with each other.

Getting the design of an office right

To achieve perfection in office design you have to talk to the people who will be working there. This building was designed with input from staff. Modern working patterns require hot-desking but they also need seclusion and privacy for some tasks. In this office, employees can work anywhere they choose. They can take their pick from sofa-filled zones, cafés or restaurant-style booths. There is a productive buzz to the work space that boosts productivity.

There are elements of classic design but this is no ordinary office. It is hard to miss the full-size cinema screen placed in the foyer, which is useful both for screenings and meetings. There is a glorious glass-walled studio in the middle of one of the atriums through which you can spy a Sky News presenter talking to camera. When you walk into these offices you are left in no doubt about what business Sky is in!

Desks are arranged in clusters and there is a distinct lack of small meeting rooms as it is predicted that employees will prefer to meet informally in booths and sofa-dotted public areas.

Staff are looked after here. There is even an Amazon collection point for their convenience. They can focus on their work and not stress about whether their neighbour has taken delivery of that parcel.

If you have been inspired and would like to incorporate Status Office Desks into your own ground-breaking office design, all you have to do is visit Office Furniture online to get some inspiration.

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