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There’s no room on the desk, but the floor is too dusty… could a computer holder be the answer?

Whether you’re working in an office or your home, protecting the lifespan of your computer is critical to making sure you get the most out of the investment. Prolonging your computer’s life will mean shelling out less money over time and prevent critical crashes in the middle of important work.

Where you actually store your CPU can really make the difference. If you have a large tower casing for your computer, you probably sit it on the floor, like most people. However, that might not be the best place to reduce dust intake.

However, sitting it on the desktop itself might not be practical, due to a lack of space. It can also increase the noise from the fans inside the tower unit.

So, what should you do? We look at both options and offer a third way that might be the answer to keeping your PC running for years to come.

Should you store your PC on the desk or on the floor?

Storing your PC on the floor, under the desk and usually in front of you, is a configuration most people opt for, especially when using a tower. It keeps the unit out of the way and frees up important real estate on the desktop itself, where you probably have myriad other things to store.

However, storing your PC on the floor can really increase the likelihood of dust getting into the unit. Particularly on hardwood floors, dust will be cast up into the unit, easily clogging the fans and causing your CPU/GPU to overheat. This can make your computer run more slowly over time.

That said, there are practical implications of storing your tower on the desk. Modern PCs have strong fans to keep precious hardware cool and running at optimum levels and they can be noisy. Having the PC sitting next to you while you work can be distracting.

They also often have a large “footprint,” taking up a lot of crucial space on your desktop. That’s space you probably already use for storing documentation or other crucial equipment, so you might find it’s not practical to story the PC on the desk.

CPU Holders – the practical third solution

Luckily, there is a third option that is practical and effective. Storing your PC underneath the desk needn’t be a problem if it’s raised up off the floor – it cuts down on dust intake, while still freeing up precious space on your desk.

An easy way to raise the PC off the floor is to use a CPU holder. These cradles attach to the underside of the desk, or sit on wheels or castors on the floor, reducing dust intake but keeping the unit out of the way.

If this sounds like a viable solution, we have a fantastic range of CPU holders to choose from. If budget is a concern, we have solid, well-made CPU holders that are simple and adjustable. If you have more money to spend, you might opt for fixed units that screw into the desk or are attached by clamps for a less permanent solution.

You can view our full range here. There are many options to choose from, so if you need some help making a decision, talk to our sales advice team.

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