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A lovely lightweight laptop, or a powerful desktop PC?

If you’re working from home it’s likely that one of the most important pieces of equipment you use will be your computer. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, home computers are now capable of processing power that used to only be available in expensive, high-end units.

However, when it comes to purchasing your computer, you may be faced with a choice – do you choose a laptop or a desktop PC?

We take a look at the pros and cons of each to help you to make your decision.

How to choose between desktop PC and laptop

First things first – you need to decide on your budget. When it comes to computers, more money means better performance. Ask yourself what you’ll be using it for – if it’s mainly web work and word processing, you don’t need all the bells and whistles. However, if you do image processing, deal with large files or even just need Skype or Google Hangouts to run perfectly, every time, you should consider spending a little more.

Every small business owner should have one eye on the future and that’s where desktop PCs really come into their own. A tower unit allow for the ability to upgrade, so even if you can’t afford a workhorse PC right now, it could allow you to gradually upgrade the graphics card, hard drives, memory and even the motherboard and processor themselves.

This means that your computer can grow right alongside your business – and as yet, you just don’t get that flexibility with laptops.

Another downside of laptops is repair – with a desktop, you can easily open it up and check components or clear out dust, whereas laptops tend to be sealed units and require specialist repair.

In terms of budget, one of the best ways to purchase a desktop PC is to have it built to your own specifications. It often works out more economical as you can balance your requirements and get rid of unnecessary add-ons.

Are you always on the move?

Maybe you don’t always work from home. Perhaps you rent desk space in a shared office, or like to take your work to a coffee shop for peace and quiet or are often out visiting clients on site. If that’s the case, a laptop might be the answer.

Be careful though – many mid-range laptops balance performance with size and can be bulky. Budget laptops tend to be smaller and thinner, but the trade-off is a loss in power. High-end laptops, conversely, can offer wafer-thin proportions with incredible performance – but you’ll pay a lot for the privilege.

It pays to shop around and, if possible, go into a store so you can test the weight and footprint of each machine, as well as get a full understanding of the specifications.

Workshop computer desks: great for whatever you choose

No matter whether you opt for a customisable desktop PC or a laptop, you need a desk that’s fit for purpose. We have a fantastic range of workshop computer desks you can choose from, with variety to suit every need and environment.

From modern glass desks to mobile desks and workstations designed for laptops, we’ve got something to suit every configuration. Check out our full range here or talk to our Sales Team for advice on choosing the perfect desk.

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