Of course we all like to think that our offices are safe, and that something as destructive as a fire, or a burglary are unlikely to happen to us. But if it did, could your business survive? Are there key documents that you need to protect against fire and theft and if so, where are they now?

The chances are you need a safe however you may have been put off getting one as it just seems like a lot of bother for nothing. Try telling that to the businesses that suffer from theft or fire damage every year. Every one of them will either tell you that they’re glad they had a safe, or they wish they had a safe.

So how do you choose the right safe? Well it all depends on your circumstances and what you are trying to protect. If you are in the home environment and you only want to hide a few pounds then something as simple as a decoy can of beans may be sufficient and we have these for just £5. If you are in an office and need something to stop people wondering off with your takings and confidential documents then you should consider a straightforward burglary safe which start from around £75. But if you need something that will withstand both fire and burglary, known as a data safe, then you should consider our ranges which start from £271.

Whatever you do though, please don’t leave it to chance. We get so many calls from businesses buying safes after they have suffered a loss and we’d really rather talk to you before that happens to make sure it never happens!

Last Modified / Updated on: March 16, 2017 at 11:31 am

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