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Don’t feel swamped by your to-do list if you’re moving offices…

An office relocation is often a very exciting time. Whether you’re relocating due to success and expansion, or you’re downsizing for a variety of reasons, the novelty of a new space and location is often a shot in the arm for a business.

That said, it’s also complex, burdensome and time-consuming. There’s a lot to organise and plan and if you don’t stay on top of it and get your timings right, it can have a negative impact on business performance.

However, with the right advice, you can carry out your office relocation seamlessly and a minimum of fuss. Read on for our guide on how to move office without the stress.

Stress-free guide to relocating your office

Making the decision

The first thing you need to do is decide on the details of the move. Is the move approved by senior management and have you worked out why you need to move? You could be looking for a different size of office, something cheaper or a space that is more suited to your requirements.

Consider the location and make sure that the new office space meets all of your requirements.


Your budget will govern many aspects of your move. You’ll need to think about the following, at least:

  • Rent, rates, service charges, maintenance costs & insurance
  • Is a deposit needed?
  • Consultation fees if you’re using a planner
  • Design and fit-out fees
  • Furniture costs
  • IT & telephony
  • HR costs – recruitment, redundancy, relocation
  • Stationery, branding, website


To get an office relocation right, you need to have a realistic timetable in place. You’ll need to coordinate both your existing and your new leases in discussion with both property owners/managers and relocation services.

Think about the date when you absolutely must have the new office business ready and work back from there.


Choosing the right furniture for a relocation is key. It will require careful design and planning of the space but you can save yourself a lot of time and stay ahead of the game by choosing modular furniture that will allow you to reconfigure the space over time as the business needs change or grow.


The easiest way to have a seamless relocation is to hire a commercial removal firm. They will talk through your requirements with you and help you put together a plan that will allow you to move what you need and junk what you don’t.

Work on the basis of an overlap, with the most business-critical activities moving last once the new office is ready. Move teams/departments at different teams to allow the work to continue while the move happens, but be aware of any noise or other distractions.

As long as you work through these tips and have a solid plan in place, you should be able to relocate with a minimum of fuss and a low impact on your business.

Corner bookcases are a great feature for your new office

Our range of corner bookcases allow you to maximise space in your new office. Available in a variety of styles and wood finishes, including a modern white body/dark wood top, these corner bookcases will suit a variety of office designs and décors.

You can view our full range here and talk to our sales team if you’d like some advice on choosing the right styles and how our installation can fit into your relocation.

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