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Sometimes, when it comes to stylish bookcases, less really is more…

If you’re a manager or a small business owner, it’s highly likely that you have a massive book collection containing wisdom on leadership, productivity and more. Storing and displaying that wisdom so that you can easily access it yourself (and so that you can show off your credentials, obviously) is easy to do, but it takes a little more work to do it well.

We often forget that it’s possible to style a bookcase, instead just cramming books in there without thought. However, a well-styled bookcase can look fantastic in any office and is a great way to organise your collection.

Follow our advice for styling a bookcase that looks professional and inspiring instead of boring and functional.

Ways to style a professional bookcase:

Arrange books by colour

We know, we know – your innate desire is to order by type or alphabetically. However, unless you have an entire library’s worth of books, choosing a different ordering system won’t make it any harder to find the book you need; and let’s face it, that organisational system you have probably doesn’t last.

Try making the whole more aesthetically-pleasing by arranging books by colour.

Add objects that tell a story

Your bookcase doesn’t just have to contain books, you know. Adding some sculptural objects or boxes can mix things up a bit. And, if you choose the right objects, your bookcase can tell a story: about you, about where you’ve travelled or about your professional journey, for example.

Include artwork

Smaller pieces of artwork can sit on the shelves or be propped against books while larger pieces can be hung directly from the shelves. For an even more creative approach, why not consider covering the back panels of each shelf with artwork that will peek through from behind the books?

Mix up book placement

You don’t have to stack all of your books vertically. Instead, try mixing up your arrangement with vertical stacking interspersed with piles of horizontally-stacked books too. You can alter how you do this: try both on the same shelf and then also have shelves that are either one or the other. The asymmetry will be dynamic and pleasing to the eye.

Bring some nature in

Organic materials can really break up a bookcase and bring the outside in. One obvious feature is having potted plants on some shelves but you can go even further than this, with air plants, sea shells or pieces of driftwood. Go for a walk in nature and see what you can pick up, but make sure you treat wood and other objects so they don’t rot.

Combination bookcases are perfect for dynamically displaying books

Our range of combination bookcases are ideal for creating dynamic displays of books and other objects will also offering a perfect storage solution for paperwork and stationery that you’d rather keep hidden. Combination bookcases offer a mix of display shelves and cupboards and are available in a variety of styles including wood finishes or bold, modern white with bright colour detailing, perfect for any office.

Check out our full range here and talk to our sales team for advice on choosing the perfectly professional bookcase for your office.

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