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If your office isn’t working for you any more, it’s time to make a change…

The modern office is required to be all things to all people, a multi-purpose space that is fit for purpose and will see you into the future. It has to be practical and efficient, with a sense of both inspiration and relaxation. Sounds impossible?

With almost a third of UK workers saying they dislike their office space and with the workspace and office environment now seen as having a direct impact on productivity, morale and wellness, it’s more important than ever to get your office design just right.

However, if it seems like an impossible task, help is at hand. With an audit of your current workspace as a perfect foundation, you can make some key changes that will bring your office up to date and make it work effectively for your business. Follow our guide on how to transform the office and make it work for you.

How to get your office into shape

Let’s start with an example: almost a third of UK workers don’t take a full lunch break. That’s a worrying amount, as it means employees aren’t get an adequate break from their work. Most of them state that the pressure of work is why they don’t take a full break, yet not resting properly will affect productivity in the long run; and they probably know that.

So, what’s the real reason they don’t take their full lunch break? Go and take a walk into the kitchen or canteen area. Look at it as if you are a brand-new employee, on your first day. Think about what’s in the room, how clean it is, how much space there is to sit. Ask yourself, if half your employees were on break at once, would there even be room to sit?

On the topic of seating, is the room comfortable? Do you have soft furnishings or hard plastic school chairs? Are the tables low or high? How many can comfortably sit to a table without their lunch falling from the edge?

Just this one quick audit of one room in your office can be a real eye-opener. If the canteen or eating area isn’t fit for purpose, you’ll find that most employees will wolf down their lunch and be back at their desks in no time.

What about quiet spaces? If an employee has had a stressful day and they take their lunch break, only to find the room is crammed with noisy colleagues, they’d probably rather take lunch at their desk. They’ll think they’re getting peace and quiet, but you can bet they start casually checking work emails while they’re tucking into their sandwiches.

So, what do you do to change things?

This is just one example, of one room. How about carrying out a full consultation on the practicalities and appropriateness of the office? Ask you employees; they’re the ones who use it most. Do a full audit on how the office is performing right now and start a serious conversation about how you could change things.

There is plenty of information online about designing the perfect office layout, and you’ll probably find some stellar ideas pop out of a consultation, so don’t wait; start asking the questions and start transforming your office into an inspirational and collaborative space that works for everyone. Your business will benefit in the long run.

Glazed door bookcases can make your office space work for you

Glazed door bookcases can help transform any office. We carry a full range of styles and models, from wide glazed bookcases to wide glass-fronted storage units. Available in a variety of wood finishes, there’s something that will fit in with any office décor.

Our glazed door bookcases can be delivered to you the very next day and come with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee. You can take a look at our full range here and get some help and advice from our sales team.

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