What does the future hold in store for the bookcase?

With the introduction of new e-book readers is there much future for the book and ultimately the bookcase?

We believe there is a future, and here’s our top five reasons why….

1) Not everything is available in e-book format. There are still many types of book that you can’t get electronically or don’t work well electronically. Take beautifully illustrated or photographed coffee table books for example. It just wouldn’t be the same having your e-book on the table would it? You want to sit back, drink your coffee, pick up your coffee table book and browse at your leisure. The e-book hasn’t replaced that experience.

2) Keeping with the experience, there is still nothing quite like browsing in a book store and making an impulse purchase of a book. Yes you can browse e-books online but it’s just not the same as the smell, atmosphere and intimacy of a book store.

3) E-books can’t be transferred to other e-books so having the printed format is still much easier for sharing books with friends etc.

4) People don’t use bookcases just for books. Radical I know! People will use bookcases for storing DVDs, CDs (don’t get us started on MP3s and downloads!) and also for ornaments, glassware etc. Bookcase design will change because of this.

5) The whole basis of neuro linguistic programming dictates that we are all different and like to receive information in different ways. Some people prefer visual, some prefer audio, others prefer the written word so as a result of the latter there will always be a need for printed material and somewhere to display and store it.

So, the bookcase may change design to accommodate the changing marketplace but we believe it still has a future. Many years from now somebody may come across this post and see if we were right or wrong. It may materialise that printed books move to an on demand service where you can select to have a book printed if that is your preferred way of receiving it, we can but speculate.  In the meantime, we have a wide range of bookcases to suit all needs and the prices start from just £49 so cancel that Kindle, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, settle down in front of your coffee table (we can provide you with this too!), browse through your coffee table book and have a think about how good it would look standing in a bookcase!

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