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A brilliant business book is always a welcome gift.

We can all use a little inspiration from time to time and when it comes to buying gifts for your boss on their birthday, you might want to consider buying them a book on management. Of course, it depends on your relationship with your manager whether they take that as a thoughtful present or a sly hint that they could do with some of their own personal development.

Nevertheless, great managers keep learning, always looking for ways to improve on their skills and talents. Here are our top four books that would make great birthday presents for your boss.

Our top 4 birthday books for bosses

The Effective Executive – The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done

Written by Peter F. Drucker, this book set out to clearly and definitively outline what managements means at the executive level. So much so that many other authors have taken Drucker’s wisdom as accepted fact when writing their own books on management.

Drucker disabuses us of the idea that executives need to grandstand and create a cult of personality among employees, instead suggesting that executive management is all about getting the job done without seeking praise and glory.

The One Minute Manager

Written by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. The approach taken by the authors here is to tech through parable. It offers straightforward advice that could be considered simply common sense, but they deliver it in an action-oriented way meaning that it’s an incredibly valuable book for managers who want to become more effective.

Dilbert and the Way of the Weasel – A Guide to Outwitting Your Boss, Your Coworkers, and the Other Pants-Wearing Ferrets in Your Life

Written by Scott Adams. Dilbert has been a staple of management satire for many years now and, following on from ‘The Dilbert Principle’, Adams takes a deeper look at the decision-making processes of management teams.

He’s particularly adept at skewering the idealised image offered by books like those already mentioned and uncovering why our own experiences are usually so different. Cringe humour of the best kind, you’ll probably squirm while reading this as you notice yourself and colleagues reflected there.

The Age of Unreason

Written by Charles Handy. Handy was the first author to really nail the way in which the 50s style of management that had been prevalent for so many years was becoming obsolete in the digital era. While some of his own observations seem a bit out of date now, every book about the digital age that’s come since has used this book as its foundation.

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