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The best managers are always learning and one of the best ways to learn is to read. If you’re not currently reading up on new ways to manage your workforce or new approaches to business, you could be missing out.

We take a look at some of the best books for managers to read to help them get into their new roles.

The absolute best books for new managers

‘The One Thing You Need to Know’ – Marcus Buckingham

In this book, Buckingham argues that instead of constantly trying to improve upon employees’ weakness, effective managers should focus on their strengths. By regularly focusing on employees’ capabilities and rewarding them through clear praise and recognition, they will feel increasingly motivated.

‘Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader’ – Herminia Ibarra

A lot of books you read on management will tend to follow accepted rules and wisdoms, repackaged in the author’s voice. Ibarra throw most of that out the window, with a book packed full of experimental and unconventional advice. One choice tip is to act first and think later – suggesting that managers should constantly evaluate and learn from experience.

‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ – Dale Carnegie

The granddaddy of management guidance, Carnegie’s book is over 80 years old and remains a bestseller to this day. Often named as the favourite books of titans of trade and commerce, Carnegie’s advice hasn’t aged all that much – mainly because the advice focuses on human interaction.

‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ – Daniel Kahneman

Kahneman won the Nobel Prize in economics for his work as a psychologist and this excellent book from 2011 is a thoughtful collection of insights into how people think. Useful for those moving into people management, his analysis of human thinking, which he breaks into “fast and intuitive” and “slow and deliberate” will give you great insight into how your workforce thinks and why they do what they do.

‘Drive’ – Daniel H. Pink

This book caused a revelation of sorts in the field of people management and its effects are still reverberating today. Pink explains that we shouldn’t focus on external factors such as money and prestige as motivational tools but that instead, employees work to optimum capacity when they are given a sense of autonomy, control of decisions and a strong feeling of purpose. This perspective is crucial to current trends in non-hierarchical models and employee engagement.

These five books will make a great addition to any manager’s library – between them they contain a variety of managerial tips and styles. Absorb their information and then come up with the style that suits you.

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