Built in versus freestanding bookcases: Which should you choose?

Being organised is of paramount importance for any business. No matter what type of firm you run, it is likely that you will need a number of bookcases so that you can keep your important files, resources, and documents in order. There are numerous factors to be considered when choosing a bookcase. One of the main decisions is whether to choose a freestanding bookcase or a built-in bookcase. We discuss both options in further detail below to give you a helping hand.

What to expect from a built-in bookcase

Built-in bookcases are very popular in home environments, but when it comes to offices, they do present a number of limitations. Of course, every business is different, and if you foresee yourself remaining in the same office for a number of years, a built-in bookcase is worth considering.

You will be able to maximise storage potential with this option, as you can optimise space utilisation. A lot of business owners also prefer the appearance of a built-in bookcase, as it can easily be built around windows and other features, and it creates a sense of visual order in the room, which can be good for brand image.

However, you do need to consider the fact that built-in bookcases can be very limiting. If you move to another location, you will not be able to take the bookcase with you. Also, if your storage demands change, it will be very difficult to react to them.

The many benefits of freestanding bookcases

There are lots of benefits associated with freestanding bookcases. This style of bookcase will not hold your business back, as it is a flexible solution. Your investment will move with you, as you can take your bookcases with you if, in the future, you need to expand or downsize. And if your needs change, you can re-site the bookcase to ensure a better office layout.

The importance of office layout should never be overlooked; it can have a direct influence on the productivity of your workforce. If your office space is awkward because your built-in bookcases no longer suit the requirements of your business, it can make it difficult for employees to focus and work as efficiently. You won’t have such a problem with a freestanding bookcase.

Freestanding bookcases are easily to implement. At the very most, you will need to put the bookcase together. But, you certainly won’t need to drill into the walls, as you would with a built-in bookcase. This means you won’t need to get permission from your building manager.

You can also pick up some great freestanding bookcases without needing to spend a fortune. So, if you are on a tight budget, this is definitely something worth looking into. Of course, you need to be sure of quality first. You will only end up spending more in the long run if your bookcase is falling apart after a few months.

All in all, there are benefits associated with both in-built and freestanding bookcases. Every business is unique, and it is all about determining what is right for you. Think about what you’ll need to store and whether you’re likely to relocate in the future to discover the best option for your office.

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