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How a brilliant break room can make for better business

Increasing numbers of business owners are realising the benefits of having a thoughtfully designed break room on the premises. If this is something you are yet to consider, now is the time.

If you engage in any type of activity without a break, whether it’s something laborious or enjoyable, it is difficult to relax and regain the balance you need to work effectively. This is especially relevant to the workplace, where stress does not ease up and there are minimal relief options. Here’s what you need to know about creating the ideal break room in your business.

What are the benefits of break rooms?

The importance of employee breaks cannot be ignored. Research shows that over 85 per cent of employees believe that they would be more productive if they took frequent breaks. However, taking an effective break is virtually impossible if you remain in the hectic office environment.

With a separate facility, workers can move away from their ‘working parameters’ and from the noise and bustle of the office environment. Job satisfaction will increase and concentration and wellbeing will improve. This will lead to a much more productive workforce, which can only be beneficial for your business, resulting in improved financial and operational performance.

Companies with great break room cultures

There are many companies with great break room cultures today. Neutron Interactive is a good example. Their break room has an anti-cubical environment, complete with unlimited drinks and snacks, daily catered lunches, and yoga classes.

Airbnb are not only transforming the travel industry, but employee break rooms too. Like Neutron Interactive, their employees enjoy weekly yoga classes, as well as a Ping-Pong table and a chef who cooks lunch each day.

Finally, we have PopCap Games – a video game development firm that believes fun cultivates creativity. Their break rooms include private phone rooms, whiteboards, oversized televisions with video games, and the opportunity to catch a movie.

Creating an effective break room with bistro furniture and other features

When creating a break room, it is important to make sure it is a place of relaxation, as well as being somewhere employees can talk, socialise, and brainstorm ideas. Some of the best ideas come to life in break rooms where employees feel less stressed.

Bistro furniture, rather than office furniture, is more relaxing and comfortable, and helps to make the break room distinctly different from working zones. There are many features you can include to make your break room a great place to be, including televisions, comfortable seating, healthy food options, decoration, and even games. Including fun stuff like board games or physical games can help promote team bonding, giving employees the chance to engage in an activity that will help with stress release.

No matter what type of business you run, you should consider incorporating a break room. This is a great way to boost employee satisfaction and productivity. Remember, it’s not just about creating a place to relax, but somewhere that will stimulate conversation and creativity. Talk to your employees and find out what they would like to be incorporated into the room.

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