Back Problems At The Office

Back Problems at the office.

Having the correct sitting position is not just about sitting upright. There is a lot more involved in the mechanics of your spine. I’ve made the below guide to help you sit properly at your office desks. Trust me when I say this is hard to achieve, especially if your like me and sit on your chair for 8hours+ per day 5 days a week.

Correct Posture For Working:
Make sure you are sitting back and your chair is close to your desk. Ensure all of your back is rested on the top part of your seat – start by pushing your shoulder back and slowly extend your arms towards your working space. This will help support and maintain the correct posture of your spine. A good office chair will have the facility to maintain a tilt on the base, which may help you achieve this. If you find yourself slowly leaning forward throughout the day then, try pushing your chair all the way under your best so your stomach is touching the tip of your desk. Doing this will stop you leaning forward (as your stomach is in the way). If you do find that your stomach is aching then you probably need to hit the gym or you’ve got your chair pushed under a wee bit too much. If you keep doing this after a few weeks you will automatically attain the correct posture without having to push your chair in all the way. Another excellent exercise to achieve this is to strap your upper body (just under your arms) lightly to the top of your chair, this way you cant lean forward at all and it will train your body to get in the right position to start with. The only problem in doing this is that if you need the toilet quickly then you might not make it intime.. You also might find that after sitting in the correct position for a couple of hours, your back might be a bit sore – this is completely normal as your back has got used to adopting an incorrect posture and your using muscles you haven’t used for a while.

If you need to slouch – do it right!

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