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Modern Office Furniture from Office Furniture Online. Create a stylish & functional workspace in keeping with the latest designs and trends. A wide range of desking, storage, computer workstations, seating and tables. Contemporary colours, glass, clean distinctive lines and unique styles will add a modern feel to any office. Free Delivery on every item and some available Next Day! Order online, by telephone on 0844 248 7001 or use our live chat facility for instant advice

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Traffic light system helps employees stay ‘in the zone’ with no interruptions

05 Jun 2018
Working in a busy office can be incredibly distracting – especially if the business has converted to the popular open plan layout. Visibility equals availability in many people’s eyes, which means there’s nothing to stop constant intrusions while you’re in the middle of important tasks. Even being distracted for a few minutes can eat into … … Read Full Story

Top five office design trends for 2017

14 Nov 2017
Staying up to date with the latest office design trends is a great way to ensure that your office looks modern, professional, and stylish. Plus, by making a few changes to your office each year, you can revitalise the space, making it a much more enjoyable place for your employees. After all, research shows that … … Read Full Story

Why your office needs good furniture

25 Oct 2017
What does your office say about your products and services? What would you like it to say? Is your target audience young and dynamic, and if so does your business reflect this? Does it inspire creativity, or do you wish for your visitors to behave formally? Would you like your employees and guests to feel … … Read Full Story