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With a wide choice of ranges and styles + sizes and colours, you're sure to find the ideal bookcase to perfectly match your office and your needs. We have a great choice of commercial bookcases with extensive guarantees for business use, and a large choice of home office bookcases with free UK mainland delivery on every item.

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Natural born leader? Add these books to your collection

30 Jun 2018
More than ever, top-class leadership skills are required in business. It’s not enough to be a solid, stable manager; in a tough economic climate and amid many fast moving changes to business models and new technologies, the managers of the future need to have the skills to carve out new directions and inspire workforces to … … Read Full Story

How to style a professional bookcase

30 Jun 2018
If you’re a manager or a small business owner, it’s highly likely that you have a massive book collection containing wisdom on leadership, productivity and more. Storing and displaying that wisdom so that you can easily access it yourself (and so that you can show off your credentials, obviously) is easy to do, but it … … Read Full Story

Getting started with home education: The resources you need

27 Jun 2018
More families than ever are taking the opportunity to homeschool their children. Far from creating reclusive, anti-social children, homeschooling can actually result in high achieving, well-adjusted students. On top of that, homeschooling doesn’t even have to take place in the home; every day is a learning experience and every moment an opportunity to enrich and … … Read Full Story

Top tips for your office relocation

22 Jun 2018
An office relocation is often a very exciting time. Whether you’re relocating due to success and expansion, or you’re downsizing for a variety of reasons, the novelty of a new space and location is often a shot in the arm for a business. That said, it’s also complex, burdensome and time-consuming. There’s a lot to … … Read Full Story

Designing an office for the modern workforce

16 Jun 2018
Modern life may not be rubbish, but it certainly has changed a lot, and no more so than in the workplace. Businesses and workforces are almost unrecognisable to those of twenty or even 10 years ago. Technology has had an incredible impact on the way we work, with remote working, file networks and virtual meeting … … Read Full Story

Is your office working for your business?

14 Jun 2018
The modern office is required to be all things to all people, a multi-purpose space that is fit for purpose and will see you into the future. It has to be practical and efficient, with a sense of both inspiration and relaxation. Sounds impossible? With almost a third of UK workers saying they dislike their … … Read Full Story

Brilliant books for startup success

12 Jun 2018
You’ve made the decision to go it alone and startup your own business, but how do you get the advice and help you need to make the right decisions? Trial and error can work, but why not take advice from people who’ve gone through the process, made the mistakes and learned from them and are … … Read Full Story

Four books to buy your boss on their birthday

09 Jun 2018
We can all use a little inspiration from time to time and when it comes to buying gifts for your boss on their birthday, you might want to consider buying them a book on management. Of course, it depends on your relationship with your manager whether they take that as a thoughtful present or a … … Read Full Story

Be more productive: Your reading list

05 Jun 2018
Productivity has become one of the most enduring buzzwords in business. A focus on maximum productivity is essential for most businesses during difficult economic times, when company’s often want more done with less staff. However, personal productivity is no less important; whether you’re a manager, a small business owner or a freelancer, you’ll want to … … Read Full Story

Crucial books for new managers to read

01 Jun 2018
The best managers are always learning and one of the best ways to learn is to read. If you’re not currently reading up on new ways to manage your workforce or new approaches to business, you could be missing out. We take a look at some of the best books for managers to read to … … Read Full Story

Built in versus freestanding bookcases: Which should you choose?

16 Jan 2018
Being organised is of paramount importance for any business. No matter what type of firm you run, it is likely that you will need a number of bookcases so that you can keep your important files, resources, and documents in order. There are numerous factors to be considered when choosing a bookcase. One of the … … Read Full Story

Mexico Designer Shelving Unit

11 Jun 2017
These days home offices are becoming increasingly popular as most people work from home or have a home based business to supplement their income. If you too are setting up a home office you will have to furnish it well only then you will be able to create an environment where you will feel like … … Read Full Story

Is there a future for the bookcase?

31 Mar 2017
What does the future hold in store for the bookcase? With the introduction of new e-book readers is there much future for the book and ultimately the bookcase? We believe there is a future, and here’s our top five reasons why…. 1) Not everything is available in e-book format. There are still many types of … … Read Full Story