Working from Home: Home Office Chairs

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Working from home is a job perk that many careers are able to encompass these days, largely thanks to a diverse number of businesses operating digitally. Of course, operating from home poses its own set of problems and challenges; namely kitting out a dedicated workspace that can house your computer, office desk and various means of storage

One common mistake that homeowners make when furnishing their home office is disregarding a dedicated office chair in favour of a normal household chair… Don’t! Though this may seem like an additional expense that you could do without, office chairs are specifically designed to help both posture and productivity; using a standard means of seating will prove incredibly uncomfortable over time and may also lead to a string of health problems too.

To help ease your working from home woes, the Office Furniture Online team have put together a list of home office chairs that are ergonomic, affordable and definitely worth your attention. 

Ergo-Tek Mesh Manager Chair

If you’re searching for an excellent all-rounder for your home office setup, look no further than the Ergo-Tek Mesh Chair.  

Part of our executive office chairs range, the Ergo-Tek features a high-quality, luxury mesh back and an incredibly breathable contoured seatpad, both of which work in tandem and allow you to sit for hours at a time at your desk (with those all-important short breaks planned in, of course).

Its durable Elasti-Mesh construction eases the strain on the material over time, meaning that you’ll most certainly get your moneys worth, while the Ergo-Tek is also packed full of additional features including:

  • A waterfall seat front which eases pressure on the legs
  • Multi-adjustable lumbar function
  • Padded, height adjustable armrests
  • A multi-adjustable headrest

AirTask 24 Hour Posture Chair

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If your job role requires you to spend a high volume of hours sitting down and dealing with customers and queries, then a home task chair is most certainly the right choice of office chair for you. 

The AirTask 24 Hour High Back Posture Chair has been thoroughly tested to ensure that its fit for heavy duty usage, and as a result, you’ll find that its packed full of clever design features. This includes an adjustable high back rest and inflatable lumbar support system which allows for the ultimate control over your backrest position. Alongside this, you’ll find that the AirTask boasts a pocket sprung seat pad which aids in alleviating lowerback, sciatic and pelvic problems through encouraging a healthy posture and improved blood flow. What’s not to love?

As well as these thoughtful, health-focused features, the AirTask also includes: 

  • Waterfall seat front to further ease pressure on the thighs and improve circulation
  • A lockable synchro tilt mechanism which can be set to free flow to promote dynamic movement.
  • Weight tension which auto-adjusts to the user’s weight, offering support regardless of stature.
  • Seat slides adjust the seat depth to the user’s body for maximum comfort.

Contract 24/7 Posture Chair

If maximum comfort, well-planned design and a health-focused composition are the boxes that you want to tick, it sounds to us like you need to invest in a posture office chair.

Given the new-found focus on improved posture and employee health in the majority of modern workplaces, there are certainly plenty of models to pick from when it comes to singling out your favourite ergonomic design for remote working. Among our top picks is the Contract 24/7 Posture Mesh Office Chair, a tried and tested chair that’s designed for continuous use and optimum comfort while doing so. 

The myriad of features in this UK chiropractor-approved product includes; height and tilt adjustable headrest for premium head and neck support, breathable mesh material which accommates a wide range of user build types, an innovative split backrest design which allows for independent adjustments on the upper-back section for unrivaled levels of comfort, support and tension relief. 

You’ll also find that the Contract 24/7 Posture Chair includes:

  • A contoured seat pad with waterfall front to aid in circulation and easing pressure on the thighs.
  • A five point locking synchronous mechanism with seat slide.
  • A synchronised mechanism which adjusts the angle of the seat and back rest together.
  • Five lockable positions or a free floating option to promote body movement and help maintain a healthy posture.
  • An adjustable seat slide to fit the depth of the user’s body and enhance comfort.

Parma Executive Leather Office Chair

Big? Check. Comfy? Check. Leather? Check. 

If working from home in comfort and style is paramount to your productivity, you can’t go far wrong with a leather office chair. The Parma Executive Leather Office Chair is everything that most people look for in such a product, offering users a high-quality leather composition and a deep cushioned design that you won’t want to peel yourself away from. 

Among the Parma’s features you’ll find a choice of black or cream leather to suit your home office interior, as well as a knee tilt mechanism which allows the user to recline in comfort while keeping your posture correct and feet flat on the floor. As well as this, the Parma Executive Office Chair boasts:

  • A pronounced lumbar and headrest support.
  • Tilts which are lockable in any position and can be set to free flow for dynamic movement.
  • Gas seat height adjustment.
  • A high-quality, soft feel leather facing with matching vinyl back and sides.

Posture Deluxe Wooden Kneeler Chair

Some may be searching for something a little different for their home office while still looking for a chair that improves posture; if this is you, then why not consider a specialised back support chair or even a kneeling chair?

Both styles of office chair are accredited with improving posture, particularly for those that suffer with back problems, and if you factor such a product into your home office furniture, you’re bound to start seeing results. 

We particularly like the Posture Deluxe Wooden Kneeler Chair; this chiropractor approved and endorsed product inspires users to practice better posture thanks to its tried and tested shape and design. Intended for use for up to eight hours a day, this should more than cover you for a shift while you work at home, allowing you to enjoy active sitting by using upper body balance, thus improving circulation and posture in the process. 

The Posture Deluxe also:

  • Encourages the sitter to engage their abdominal and back muscles.
  • Helps to maintain the natural curve in the lower back, easing lower back issues.
  • Features a wood frame with easy-to-use gas lift height adjustment.
  • Includes a deep cushioned seat and knee pad for maximum comfort.

People are prepared to spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds on top-of-the-range PCs, monitors, tablets and laptops, but when you’re working from home, the above goes to show just how important an investment high-quality office chairs can be. 

If you’re looking for more essential product information and consumer advice, check out our Office Furniture Online blog page.