Best Office Chairs for Posture

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The average British office worker spends between four and nine hours a day sat at their desk and whether they’re aware of it or not, the chair they sit on can massively impact their wellbeing. The right office chair needs to keep you comfortable in all positions, whether you’re typing all day, analysing spreadsheets or making sales calls. Ergonomics is a huge factor to consider when buying office furniture and focuses on ensuring you are comfortable at work. Everything from your office chair to how you have your keyboard and mouse set up can impact office ergonomics and lower the risks of injury or stress. 

In this blog, we’re going to focus on the best office chairs for posture. Having the wrong chair can lead to serious health issues such as arthritis, scoliosis, sacral nerve problems and other complaints. In order to make it easy to find the right chair for you, here are our top picks from our best-selling ergonomic office chairs.

  1. Professional Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

This chiropractor approved and endorsed modern kneeling chair is ideal for office use. The design encourages good posture and reduces strain on the back and neck. Workers can benefit from even weight distribution and deep padded cushions that are contoured for maximum comfort. The gas lift height adjustment ensures you can enjoy the perfect fit for your desk and the durable base has castors for easy movement. 

  1. Posture Executive Leather Office Chair

This stylish chair is ideal for the manager’s office! With a distinctive high back bonded-leather design, this chiropractor approved office chair offers style and function. The chair has an integrated angled headrest area to support the head and neck as well as ergonomic backrest sculpture for lumbar support. The Posture Executive Chair also has a built-in inflatable airbag in the backrest to adjust the chair to your body, simply sit in the chair and inflate before deflating to your perfect level of comfort. 

  1. Comfort Ergo 2-Lever Mesh Operator Chair

It’s no surprise that the Comfort Ergo Operator Chair is one of our most popular office chairs. Ideal for computer users, the firm back supports posture and adds relief while the waterfall seat is designed for the ultimate comfort. This is a robust, resilient chair that comes in an array of colours to suit all office styles. This model also has a TUV and BIFMA tested gas lift seat to adjust the height of the chair to suit the user. 

  1. ISO Ergo Mesh Custom Conference Chair

Meeting and conference room chairs are often at the end of the list when it comes to ergonomics, however, it’s important that every aspect of the office is kitted out for good posture. When you consider how long people spend in meetings or in training, the right chair can make all the difference. The ISO Ergo Mesh Conference Chair is a fantastic choice for any meeting room and is designed for prolonged periods of sitting. The breathable mesh backrest and waterfall front are designed for comfort and the soft upholstery makes it a stylish choice for any business.


Finding the right office chairs for your business doesn’t have to be a strain on your budget or your posture! At Office Furniture Online, we have a whole range of ergonomic office chairs that will suit all businesses and furniture budgets. Shop the full range of posture friendly office chairs today.